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Dec 10, 2013 3:00pm EST
down 77% from a year ago. posted fewer tax related adjustments. autozone shares topping estimates. the performance boosted by the addition of new stores in the >> u.s. and mexico. >> -- in the u.s. and mexico. >> coming up on the number one stock of the day, general motors. the government sells its stake in automaker and names the next leader. the first female ceo wille global succeed -- barra willmary succeed as the next ceo. [closing bell] the volcker rule comes into play. we are done about five points there. lost 3/10 of one percent on the s&p. consumer discretionary doing a little bit better. >> stocks are a little bit lower today, but off a fresh record high. the s&p is off by about five. nothing really happened today to change sentiment. are in alike investors .ait-and-see mode washington is trying to come out of the budget talks and negotiations. and we are waiting to see what the fed does next week. nearly one third of economists we have surveyed now think the fed will start to taper. everyone thought it was going to being next -- the end of december. >> he made this point to m
Dec 5, 2013 3:00pm EST
bitcoin has a role to play in countries where citizens face high taxes, high capital controls or confiscation risk. from that point of view that is interesting. >> you have mentioned china. they have come down pretty hard on bitcoin. >> i think so. 70% of the recent turnover in bitcoin exchange basically involved a cnyb on the other side. this has become an object of speculation in china just like other things, even garlic in china. >> people have made comparisons to tulips. there was a professor in the netherlands who made this comparison just this week. you would say no, don't worry about that it, is not a tulip? >> i think right now add today's level, a,000, you can't say clearly it is a bubble. this is where i would disagree with green span. this piece makes that point dwight well. >> david woo disagreeing with allen greenspan. we will be back in two. >> welcome back to "street smart." we had our fifth down day in the market today. trish, you look at where the market closed, the s&p 500 down a half percent. that means we are now down 1.5% over the past five days. >> good econ
Dec 9, 2013 3:00pm EST
. not so well? >> awesome, in the end. ♪ ♪ >> all right, smoke it, sell it, tax it. why not, right? it might be the new slogan for uruguay as they vote for legislation to legalize marijuana on the national level. this is a huge step, they would be the first country to allow this. we have more on this potentially historic decision. this legislation comes straight from the president himself. why is he pushing so hard for this? >> the first seemed to be the asset invite -- advisers, what was the smartest way to deal with it in the country? they said the smartest way to do it would be to legally regulate and tax it, and he said just knew it, and the president i think understands this is an issue of rate significance to young people in the country and i think that youthful perspective is very important and you think about the future of uruguay. >> he has certainly made some very bold moves. he legalize gay marriage, now this. as i look at the proposed legislation it reminds me of what we have seen around the country in various places like mendocino county. registered users will be able
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3